Monday, November 26, 2012

I found the love that I knew I had missed

Black Friday Weekend!!!

My girlies and nacho went on a black friday road trip filled with 90's music down to Seattle to get our shop on!!  After spending ridiculous amounts at Coach, Puma, True Religion, Aeropostale, DSW, Nordstrom Rack and more.. and also going on 27 hours of no sleep.. at 10am we decided it was tome to eat!!!  Nacho was swearing by the casino which Cheri & I had never ate it.

We were starved!!!  It had been 14 hours since we ate as we had been shopping non stop.  We went to the buffet at the Casino, and oh my is it amazing!!!  For my first round, I went to the japanese station and selected chicken, brocolli, carrots, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, rice noodles mixed with chilli sauce and watched a chef cook my mixture in front of me.  How awesome is that at a buffet!  I also grabbed some turkey with turkey gravy, hot wings, baby potatoes, and pineapple chicken.

After eating all of that, we waited awhile, and went for round 2 - which I could barely eat but wanted to try a small bite of everything.  I tried a shrimp potsticker, poached salmon, salmon alfredo, mexican cod with guacamole, chicken mole, roasted root vegetable, and an apple walnut grape mixture.  Sadly I left half on my plate... but it was sooo worth my $14.05.

Come sunday, I met up with my momma since she was in town visiting for a seawall stroll.  We started off at Science World and headed over to the Edgewater Casino where we met up with her friends before the Paul McCartney concert.

We stopped at Salsa & Agave for some margaritas and mexican food.

I had the most amazing azteca soup for only $7!  My mom had some great corn soft tacos.

We headed over to the Casino and I turned $5 into $49.20!  Cashed out and bought my fave Rustic Roots wine and had a great relaxing night at home baking gluten free goodies and watching Crazy, Stupid, Love with my mom and Ken.  Hope everyone had a great black Friday!

Pearl Jam - Last Kiss

Sunday, November 4, 2012

And I fell heavy into your arms

I cant believe how much I suck at blogging lately - but I've been super busy.  Here is the latest - starting off with a recent visit Kenyo & I took to Biercraft to enjoy cheese, meat & Carlsberg.  The Cheese & meat platter was massive - and we were actually full after eating this - especially with the beer.  Somehow, we managed to get the wings down also.

I also wanted to quickly include a highlight of my last month - celebrating my 1 year anniversary with my love.  We stayed in the city, and celebrated the way 2 people in love should..

We also got to go to our favorite brunch spot at Monk McQueens and enjoy their brunch buffet before hitting up the planetarium.  This is what I managed to fill up on.  My fave's were the apple/chicken sausage, poached salmon, spicy tuna roll, pumpkin pie - & their amazing selections of fruit water (especially the cucumber mint one).  Everything was amazing as always.

I also carved a Lionel Ritchie pumpkin which also says Hello on the side.  I never seem to carve a regular pumpkin it seems...

Lastly.. I indulged in some sushi at my fave local spot... hope everyone had a great October - and an extra special shout out to Kenyo, for an amazing first year together.  Love you

Mumford & Sons - I Will Wait