Sunday, November 4, 2012

And I fell heavy into your arms

I cant believe how much I suck at blogging lately - but I've been super busy.  Here is the latest - starting off with a recent visit Kenyo & I took to Biercraft to enjoy cheese, meat & Carlsberg.  The Cheese & meat platter was massive - and we were actually full after eating this - especially with the beer.  Somehow, we managed to get the wings down also.

I also wanted to quickly include a highlight of my last month - celebrating my 1 year anniversary with my love.  We stayed in the city, and celebrated the way 2 people in love should..

We also got to go to our favorite brunch spot at Monk McQueens and enjoy their brunch buffet before hitting up the planetarium.  This is what I managed to fill up on.  My fave's were the apple/chicken sausage, poached salmon, spicy tuna roll, pumpkin pie - & their amazing selections of fruit water (especially the cucumber mint one).  Everything was amazing as always.

I also carved a Lionel Ritchie pumpkin which also says Hello on the side.  I never seem to carve a regular pumpkin it seems...

Lastly.. I indulged in some sushi at my fave local spot... hope everyone had a great October - and an extra special shout out to Kenyo, for an amazing first year together.  Love you

Mumford & Sons - I Will Wait

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