Friday, December 28, 2012

Diamonds are a girls bestfriend

So my holidays consisted of an amazing Christmas celebration with my family, Kens family & friends and a long drive down to Seatac airport at 230 am on Christmas morning.  I especilly loved when we hit a roadblock at 4am and they asked if we had been drinking because our eyes were tired and I had to convince the police officer we had just woken up.

Well for the first time ever we had absolutely no traffic at the border crossing.. but since I was a zombie most of Christmas I was way to tired to snap any pics - even of the gorgeous diamonds I got from my Ken!!

However, come boxing day I was recovered and ready for some fun.  Ken & I went to Glowbal for brunch where I had a deelish Caesar and complimentary donuts.  The donuts totally bring me back to the ones we used to get at the PNE as a kid!

I had the dungeness crab benny & Ken had the Yaletown breakfast.  Both were amazing and we headed off for some ice skating at Robson Square, followed by some Carlsberg drinks and The Hobbit (which was a failure to me compared to the other 3 LOTR movies).

Come friday, Ken & I were headed off to Zulu to stack up on some vinyl since we just got ourself the most amazing vintage turntable set.  After grabbing everything from Mighty Sparrow to Sade, we headed over to Sophies for some brunch.  I had the open faced turkey meatloaf on french bread, and Ken had the Kitts breakfast.  Both were so huge and neither of us could finish.  I definately felt like I was eating some comfort food, and was excited to see all the turkey dishes they offered!

Marilyn Monroe - Diamonds are a Girls Bestfriend

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Go with the tide and I'ma take care of you

The holidays are here!!

Ken & I checked out our neighbors Christmas decorations... and dayum they go all out!!!  Thankfully we live in a highrise condo, and a Christmas Tree is all we need!

We also headed over to Stanley Park for Bright Nights and checked out the seawall while there.. gorgeous views of the North Shore at night

Ken & I bundled up at Bright Nights getting ready for our train ride!  So glad for my massive cashmere scarf.

Late night eats at Thai House!  Duck Lettuce wraps, organic spinach rice, cashew chicken, and house seafood combo in green curry.  Nothing like a good thai dinner on a super cold day.

Alabama Shakes - Hang Loose

I belong with you, you belong with me, you're my sweetheart

Date night at the Ascot!

Ken & I went for happy hour and enjoyed 2 for 1 tapas and an amazing cheese plate.  Yes the food tasted as good as it looks!

The cheese plate was HUGE!  I totally loved the goose liver pate.

Ken & I celebrated our 2nd Stormtech staff Christmas party at Coast Hotel

And I got my winter Luxebox!  Happy Holidays everyone xoxo

The Lumineers - Ho Hey!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Are we human or are we dancer

On The First days of December...

Hello lovelies!  Welcome to December!  This year has gone by incredibly fast... To start off my first weekend of December, I met up with some friends for buck a shuck oysters at Relish.  I only had 10, which is such a small amount for the 2 dozen I could probably get down.  They were delish though!

I was excited to watch Jorge try raw oysters for the first time - and yes he is now on the oyster train - which means more oyster buddies for me!!

Afterwards we headed over to The Factory for some eats and more drinks.  Everything on the menu is $5.95 - and I went with the chicken pad thai, which was actually pretty good for the value.  It wasn't authentic, but then it is bar food just like The Warehouse, or The Loose Moose - but food is cheap, and tasty.

After a fun friday, came date night saturday, where Ken took me to The Sandbar in Granville Island.  We grabbed a table in the lounge, had some winter ales, and I ordered the chicken lettuce wraps.  These were sooo good!

Ken got the Salmon Burger.

After a wonderful saturdy night - we had a fantastic sunday out in the city - starting off with ice skating in Robson Square.  I must say, we both did a lot better than our skating attempt a year ago!!

Afterwards, we had some lovely hot chocolate at Toasted on their heated patio, and headed over to watch the Santa Claus parade..

We built up an appetite and headed over to our local pho place, and both had our delishus number 20 (lemon grass chicken pho) with extra veggies.  I swear this is the best for for under $7 you can find.  Hope everyone had an amazing first weekend of december.  Off to put up our Christmas Tree & watch Its a Wonderful Life.

xox Darlings.

The Killers - Human