Saturday, February 9, 2013

Thai House with my family!

Finally all the family is together for the first time in a long time!

My brother, my mom, myself, and my brothers 7 foot friend Andre the Giant and I went to Thai House to catch up - and these are some of the amazing dishes we had!  On another note, we had a crazy few hours prior to Thai House!  This is what happened.

  Andre drove my bro from Edmonton to Vancouver.  Andres truck got towed.  We went to get a temporary parking permit.  Permit place needed insurance, and was closing in 1 hour.  Insurance was in truck, in impound lot.  We got to impound lot, got truck.  I wonder why my crotch area is wet.  I wonder why my scarf is wet.  I realize my ENTIRE Vera Wang Lovestruck purfume opened up somehow in my purse and leaked everywhere.  Andres truck wreaks like purfume.  I wreak like purfume.  Everything wreaks like purfume.  Car windows are down.  Went to drive pack to permit place with 20 mins to spare.  Couldnt turn left on to Denman.  Had to go over Lions Gate Bridge during rush hour traffic.  Got stuck in traffic.  Went back over bridge and turned onto Denamn.  Found a spot right in front of permit place with realistically 2 minutes to spare.  Andre gets his permit.  I still wreak like purfume.  We go for Thai.  I get complemented on my purfume.

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  1. I finally read your post about your perfume spilling.