Sunday, March 17, 2013

Passport Continues

Good morning ladies and gents.  I recently visited Coast to collect my passport stamp #5 with a fellow foodie Grace.  I started off with the most delicate, tasty scallop, and followed with their shrimp wrap lunch box.  They also let me sub my chowder, for fries - something I normally wouldn't do, but didn't feel like picking out all the pieces of bacon in my chowder.  It also came with salmon sashimi, on a bed of greens.

I also headed over to Society to collect passport stamp #6!  One more and I'm done!!!  I met up with my gf, and whle waiting I recieved a complimentary mac n cheese ball.  Together we also shared some of their happy hour half off dishes, such as the root vegetable nachos, coca cola wings, and poutine.  I asked for extra jalepenos for the root vegetable nachos, as I wanted them extra spicy.  However, the jalepenos are pickled in a sweet juice, which made an odd combination for my spicy nachos craving.  The other appys, I didnt really find too special - but the highlight has got to be the pizza I got to go.  It came loaded with huge cajun shrimp, chicken (which I subbed instead of pulled pork), chimichuri sauce, pineapple, red onions and lime juice.  I hadn't had pizza this good in a long time!

I also met up with some friends to watch the advance screening of The Croods at 10am, followed by brunch at our newly favorite Cafe Medina.  This place is famous for their lavender lattes, and waffles - so of course I had to order both!  With my waffles, I also had the milk chocolate lavender sauce, and the salted caramel sauce.  These were fantastic, and I especially loved everything lavender here.  My gf also ordered the lamb meatballs with raita, which came with focacia and humous.

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