Saturday, April 6, 2013

Glowbal, Seawall, Waterfalls and more.. hello spring

Hello lovelies!  I've been dining out so much lately completing my 2nd Glowbal Passport.

And I completed it!  Hello $200 Glowbal giftcard :)

I also fixed my sushi crave at Sushi Cali

Hit up the seawall for a beautiful stroll, followed by happy hour at Ebisu

Had a sunset bbq with my Ken, and a wonderful hike in Lynn Valley

Made use of my $200 Glowbal GC at Coast with Ken

Got my spring Luxebox!

and went back to Coast the next day for a lunch date.  Hope everyone is having an amazing spring so far!


  1. this is a huge post!! coast looks great, I have still only been to Society and Sanafir(which I know is not around anymore)... where did you have the bbq it looks great there

  2. Hey Peter, it was at Barnett Marine Park. Its really nice down there, and like a hidden gem